Activate Roku: Activation Code – Roku Help

Do You Want to Activate Your Roku Device?


If yes, this is the best guide for you. You can activate your Roku Streaming Player easily by visiting the url Roku com link.

Note: Do not skip any step and follow step by step process to activate Roku by

Roku is a numerous streaming device permit you to enjoy your favorite movie, TV shows, News channel, Sports channels, live shows, music, and more entertaining channels on your TV on the internet by connecting with the internet. Roku has a massive database for fun & enjoyment. It is a reliable source of pleasure more than 1800 sports channels, thousands of entertainment channels, and another channel that merge Live TV shows, News, Sports, and kids entertainment channels.

If you want to enjoy your Roku, you need to activate your Roku account by using the url roku com link.

What Else Can You Watch on Roku?


Roku equipped with multiple streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, DisNEP+, Amazon Prime, Spectrum, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Pluto TV, Xfinity, Tubi, CBS, NBC, HBO NOW, PLEX, HBO GO, The CW, Apple TV, and many more. So you can stream all these services by adding it on Roku.


Note: You can add your favorite streaming channel and services on Roku.

roku channels list

How to Activate Roku by

If you already have a Roku account, then go to the Roku login or Roku account login & enter your login details. Enter your registered email id and password in the log in page.

Roku Sign In Page

Remember: If you don’t have a Roku account, then you need to create a Roku account first by visit create account. Read the steps below to the Roku account setup.

Why do You Need a Roku Account?

Roku is an online streaming device, and it has a database for entertainment. Without a Roku account, your device can’t connect with the Roku server and unable to access the data from the Roku server. After the Roku account setup, you need to activate your account by visiting my account and activate it.

How to Create a Roku Account?

Follow the steps to Roku account setup as given below:

  • First, open your browser and search “my Roku account” or my roku/link. Click on the signup option.
Search my roku account
  • Now, click on the “create Roku account”.
Create Roku Account
Image credit: Roku
  • Complete the Sign up details and click on the terms & conditions and confirm the captcha and go to the next page.
Create Roku Account
Image From: Roku
  • After fill, this information, create a four-digit unique code for security reasons.
  • Next option is to provide the billing details. You need to enter your card information to verify your account details.
    • Note: If you don’t want to provide payment details at login time, you can skip for now. However, you have to compete for all the details when you will order or subscribe to a paid service on Roku.
  • Now, you need to activate your Roku by activation code. (You will receive a Roku activation code on your registered email id)
  • Finally, you need to activate your Roku by visiting and enter activation code in the text box.

Don’t Know How to Activate Roku?

Don’t worry, follow the step by step guide to activating Roku streaming player by activation code.

To activate Your Roku device or Roku TV, you have to link it with Roku account. If you don’t have a Roku account, follow the Roku Sign up guide as given above.

Note: Roku never ask to pay for creating a new Roku account. It’s free of cost. Also, Roku never charges anything to activate the Roku device. If you are unable to activate the Roku Streaming player by Roku com link and you need help, you can hire an additional technician by for advice. For that, you have to pay service fees as per the technician service charge.


Follow the Steps For Roku Activation:

  1. First, open your web browser and visit “ activation code” or “url Roku com link”. You will redirect to a new web page for Roku activation.

Note: Before activation, you need to connect your Roku Player with your TV or TCL Roku TV. For more information, read the Roku setup guide.

  1. Connect your Roku with the Internet. Follow the instructions to connect Roku with WiFi as showing on your TV Screen.
  2. After connected successfully with the internet, your Roku device might download some software to configure the settings.
  3. Once you have connected with the internet, a Roku activation code will be display on your TV screen;e.g. “CE25Q”
  4. Note down this code on a paper or in notepad and visit the website activation on your computer browser or on your mobile.
  5. After visiting the website, you will see a text box. Enter the Roku activation code in the text box and click on submit.
Roku-Com-Link activation helpline

Important: You have to follow the given instructions and complete all steps to activate Roku by url Roku com link. Otherwise, your Roku player will not be activated successfully.

 Once you have finished the Roku device activation process, your device ready to use. Now you can add your favorite channel on Roku. You can also watch Netflix, DirecTV Now, Hulu TV, and Amazon Prime on Roku.

Final Steps to Verify Your Activation Process

  • After finishing the Roku Device activation process account, the last step to add the payment option, which allows you to order your favorite channels and buy movies. Before purchase anything, you don’t need to pay anything to Roku. Once you purchase any channel or service, the amount will be automatically deducted from your verified card.
  • Roku provides many options for payment; you can choose as you want.
  • By following this guide, your device will be activated.

Are You Getting Stuck While Activate Roku TV?

Unable to activate Roku Ultra? Here we have listed some Roku activation error which Roku users face while activating Roku device. See the list below:

  1. Roku Com link error code 001
  2. Roku activation error code 001
  3. Roku express error code 001
  4. Roku activation error 003