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Once you purchase your devices and have finished with the connections, you will need to link all your devices. You will need to use the Roku com link activation so that you can link all your devices to be able to perform cordially and in harmony. This way every time you use the Roku devices, you do not have to repeat the same process.

Need help to activate your Roku device?


In the process of activating your Roku device or Roku TV; you need to connect it with Roku account. If you don’t have a Roku account then first sign up for a new account.


  • Do not pay anything to create a new Roku account. It’s free of cost.
  • Roku doesn’t charge for account creation or Roku activation.
  • Go to this URL for activating your Roku account.

Once you complete your registration with Roku, you will be given a code which you will need to use. The Roku com link enter code is what will give you the right connections between the Roku devices, your Wi-Fi, and your television. Once you are able to have all these in sync, you will be able to start enjoying all the available channels with Roku. This process is very important because your Roku set up will be incomplete unless you key in this code which will automatically activate your account.

Follow this Instruction For Roku com link activation :

  1. Follow the given instruction on quick start guide which you have in your device box.
  2. Now connect your device with the internet via cable or Wifi.
  3. After successfully connected to the internet you need to download a software.
  4. After installation of this software on your Roku device, you will see a code; eg. “AX67Y”.
  5. Remember this code or write it anywhere and activate your Roku device now.
  6. If you don’t know how to enter this code then go to the Roku com link enter code.
  7. Now enter your code and click on submit.
    • If you are If you are having difficulty activating your account, we have the Roku com link activation team that is at hand to ensure you have a smooth process. They will guide you should you need additional support to ensure these devices serve you as they have been designed to. With the team’s support, you will be able to pair your Roku device with every other system it has been designed to connect with.roku-com-link activationImportant:  You have to complete ALL these steps to activate your Roku Streaming Player, Roku Express, Roku Ultra, all Roku device, otherwise you will unable to watch your favorite channel on Roku.
  8. After completing your setup your Roku account, the final and last step is going to add a payment A payment method allows you to purchase your favorite channel, buy movies and TV shows. You have to pay while you will purchase TV show and movies or get a new subscription of a channel.
  9. You can pay via credit card or your PayPal If you have any issue with adding a payment method then, go to the Roku Customer care.
  10. Finally, you have completed this process to activate your account now your Roku device is ready to use.

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