Need for Speed Heat: Full Game Review

Need for Speed is a very old and premium racing game franchise which is produced by Electronic Arts and developed by Ghost Games. They have given us so many iconic and rememberable titles. They are Need for Speed 2 (1997), Need for Speed Underground series, Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005), etc. These Need for Speed games are a mixture of illegal street racing and experiencing the racing cars with your own eyes and ears. You can customize lots and lots of cars. From roof scopes to front bumper to side skirt to even customizing the brake caliper.

This series has millions of fans and copies are sold across the whole world. There is not a single teenager who does not know about the Need for Speed. This series is also known as the bestselling racing game series on earth. They sold more than 150 million copies of their every game and figures still growing. This game is that popular even Hot Wheels wants to feature their concept cars in their game. And even Hollywood made a whole movie on Need for Speed named Need for Speed. This movie showcases a wonderful revenge story, and obviously, they included supercars. You can get a great discount on electronic items online using rentomojo coupons.

In this game, you will experience the arcade racing. Specially perfected to give the fun and smile on your face. They never concentrated on providing simulation and a close to a real-life game. But they build a game to make you feel fun like you are playing a really amazing game and enjoying it as well.

Now let’s come to the main feature and highlights of this game.

 Car List

Cars, they are like an angel. Came from the beautiful skies to please car lovers. And if a car lover wants to drive a car or even wants to listen to the roaring sound of its powerful engine. Car lovers can experience all the things related to their cars because this game provides a huge list of cars which are all real-life cars. All the cars are officially licensed and their licenses are purchased by Electronic Arts itself so no problem of any copyright. It is not like that they only focused on the number of cars.

They have also focused on a variety of cars. Ranging from an everyday life car like Ford Focus to the super exotic car like Koenig egg Agera RS. As they did not add exotic cars in their previous two games, so people were missing out on the speed sense of going over 400 km/hr. But now they have added more than 7 exotic cars which can simply cross 400 km/hr speed limit.


The very main and important feature of the Need for Speed game is Cops. And we all know that from their two games they were lacking in the cop’s department. They were not very aggressive and they just simply forget about giving a challenge to the racer. If a racer is going over 200 km/hr on the straight road and as soon as a cop saw that the pursuit starts, but the pursuit won’t last long. That was very disappointing from a racer perspective. But the new game Need for Speed Heat features one of the best cops series have ever produced. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

These cops are super difficult to beat with their new AI algorithms, they are almost unbeatable. We all have seen the performance of the cops in the demo version of the game. And let me tell you those cops are at easy difficulty. If those hardcore cops are at easy difficulty then imagine them to be at hard difficulty. I mean they will be invincible and only a highly skilled racer would be able to beat them. So, pre-order the game now to experience the raging AI of Need for Speed Heat.


This is a very sensitive topic because once again EA has introduced the iconic feature of their series and that is customization. EA firstly introduced this option in the Underground series to give the racer a unique illegal street racing vibe. In that game, we can even change the cover of our rims. Isn’t that crazy?

These customizations then took place in their next title named Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005). And further featured in Need for Speed Carbon. But after that in Need for Speed Shift and Shift 2, they reduced the customizations and people do not like that. Sure that game was very much different from what NFS did over a decade. But those games do not feel like a Need for Speed game. And after that, they completely get rid of the customizations. But Need for Speed the Run had a great story and due to that only it survived.

But 2019 EA is back with the treat to the car lovers. As they are back with the always loved customizations. This year they have introduced us to the new method of customizing cars. We can customize any car in the game via any android phone. The things you do in the app will simply reflect in the game. It will give the player accurate controls over wrap editor and even customizations. All cars are available right now in the Heat studio app. So what you are waiting for?

Go grab your phone and customize your favorite supercar.

 PC System Requirements

My friends with the consoles. They do not need to worry about the system requirements as the game will run fine with their consoles. Here come the players who play games on their PC and do not have high-end GPUs.

Following are the minimum system requirements:-

  • OS – Windows 10
  • Processor – Intel Core i5-3570 or equivalent AMD CPU
  • Memory – 8 GB
  • Graphics Card – Nvidia Geforce 760 or equivalent AMD card
  • Hard Drive space – 50 GB

Following are the recommended system requirements:-

  • OS – Windows 10
  • Processor – Intel Core i7-4790 or any equivalent AMD CPU
  • Memory – 16 GB
  • Graphics Card – Nvidia Geforce 1060 or any equivalent AMD GPU
  • Hard Drive space – 50 GB

Well here are the system requirements for the PC version and it looks like any GTX card will run this game. As the lowest version of GTX 10 series card can run the previous game on 60 fps on high settings. So minimum requirements prove that it will run smoothly on even a medium-end system. The average number of PC gamers have GTX 1060 cards, so most people will not have any problem running the game.

So this NFS game is going to be great when compared to previous games. If you want to pre-order this game, simply go to EA’s official site.

Happy Racing.