Install Kodi on Firestick | Best Method to Install Kodi

Kodi is open-source software that is widely used by a variety and variability of 2020 people. These people may include youth, middle-aged and other old age customers who are die-hard fans of technical or non-technical entities. Indistinguishably, the software is primarily used for playing a wide range of audio-visual content.  One can assertively spend his/her leisure time well with this Kodi software.

But it is not possible to use this software alone. One must have Amazon fire TV as well its firestick to install this utility. Even Kodi is available in the market with versions like 17.1, 17.3, 17.6, and so on. As per the versions, one must install Kodi on firestick and enjoy the live-streaming to the fullest. Having the curiosity to know about the steps that can install Kodi on your Fire TV of Amazon? Read the below steps thoroughly: –

Methods that will tell you How to Install Kodi on Firestick:

In case you are using FireStick you need not require a PC or laptop for executing the installation steps. The most obvious reason is that Amazon TV is solely capable of customizing the configurational settings as per the version of Kodi. After reading so much about Kodi and its versions just give a glance at these methods. So the first one is: –

  • Switch on your Amazon TV and unbox the Firestick from the product’s box. Make sure that the internet is working well so that you can proceed further with how to install Kodi on the Firestick process. Now check if or not your Amazon TV is connected with the internet (either wired or wireless).
  • Use the Firestick now to reach the “Home” button of your Amazon TV. After this option, you will see categories like Videos, Movies, App, and Settings. Click on “Settings”.
Amazon firestick settings tab
  • Later you will see the option of Accessibility. On its other side click the “Device option” and then scroll below to spot the “Developer options”. Here you will see “ADB Debugging”. Just turn it on because it can efficiently set communication between your device and Amazon TV.  This debugging is important if you are planning to install Kodi 17.6 on a firestick or any other version of Kodi software.
developer option
  • Beneath the ADB debugging you will find an option named App from unknown sources. It will be turned off as default. In order to go ahead with the process to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV, you must turn it on. This will help you install the correct VPN for your Kodi apk.
  • Go to the Home screen of your Amazon TV and spot the “Magnifier Glass” -like symbol. With the help of Firestick, click the same and type “Downloader”.
  • You will see an orange color rectangular box. Click it and then proceed further with its downloading. Initially, it will show queued status. Then it will turn to download. Wait till the application gets downloaded and installed completely.
  • Open the file and let it access all the data of your Amazon TV. Click on “OK”. Hit Go and let the file gets (of Kodi 17) installed. In case you are confused about how to install Kodi 17.3 on firestick, you must contact Amazon Customer Service. The file size may exceed 80 MB. But you must not worry if the internet connection is strong.
download kodi on firestick
  • All you need to do click the “Install button” located at the bottom right of your Amazon TV. After the installation is successful you must click on “Done” and go to “My apps and games” so that you can find the symbol of Kodi. This is what we are looking for – Kodi application.

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With the steps mentioned above, one can successfully get to know how to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire Stick. After you install the software you must configure it well. For this, you must read the below section: –

Configuring FireTV after you Install Kodi 17 on Firestick

After installing Kodi for the fireTV you must open this application and then begin with: –

  • Click the ‘Settings’ option having an asterisk symbol.
  • After this, you will see an interface having many options. From those find the one called ‘System settings’ and click it.
  • After this go to Add-ons. Below the updates option, you must move the slider towards the right side.
  • This slider is separate for show notifications and unknown sources.
  • You must move both of them rightwards and start using Kodi for watching your favorite content.

With the help of these steps, you can configure your FireTV even if you choose to install Kodi 17.1 on firestick. Now you might think of uninstalling the Kodi software from your Amazon TV. For this, you must do the following: –

Uninstalling Kodi Software from Your Amazon Fire TV

Many of the Amazon customers might plan to execute the below-steps in case they want to install any other version of Kodi on firestick with/without PC. There are times when customers prefer to use audio-visuals of Amazon with versions of Kodi like 17.3, 17.1, and so on. If they have such plans, all they can execute is: –

  • Click the Home button via Firestick. After this, you will see the symbol of Settings. Click the same.
  • Later you must spot the option of applications so that you may spot manage installed applications option. Move your eyes downwards and find Kodi.
  • Click it and it will prompt two options named as “Force Stop” and “Uninstall”.
  • First, click on force stop and then uninstall. This step is primarily important as it will automatically perform how to uninstall Kodi from firestick operation.
  • Wait till the application gets uninstalled properly so that you may install any other version of Kodi as per your necessity.

Depending upon the choice the customers of Amazon may choose either install, uninstall and reinstall the Kodi software for enjoying its award-winning functionalities to the fullest. Besides, they must customize the Kodi’s settings well to prevent any hindrances while they are using the features of Amazon TV at their premises.


Kodi is such a useful and effective software utility that may cater to all the existing requirements of its users. Even one must know how to install Kodi on Amazon fire so that it is much convenient to upgrade the functionalities of your Amazon Fire TV within a fraction of seconds. Besides, the steps to uninstall the Kodi application from your Amazon TV can be helpful at times you may not need the earlier version of Kodi (i.e. 17.3). In case you are interested in knowing more about the versions of Kodi and the amazing benefits of Firestick, you must not feel hesitant in visiting our informative blogs and make your leisure time countable.