How To Fix When Roku Not Working

Roku is most popular media device across the world. Roku Company offering the various online streaming services depends on the prices that start at $29.99 & available up to $129.99. However, like other online media streaming devices, Roku is players are not without their problems so here we are, Read the latest post about how to fix when Roku not working or Roku 2 not working/ Roku 3 Not working.

Common Issues & Troubleshooting When Roku Not Working

Problem 1: Roku Remote Not Working

Roku Remote Not WorkingFirst of all, you need to find which Roku device & model you’re using so that you would come to know about the type of the remote. There are two types of Roku remote available with the Roku device, Standard IR Roku Remote, and Enhanced “Point-Anywhere wireless type remote.

You need to make sure that battery in the remote isn’t dead. If not, check the battery’s power. You can remove the battery and then plug-in them again. Restart the device or you can reset the battery.

You can download Roku remote by using your Android phone. You can download Roku remote by going to Google Play Store.

Problem 2: No Audio When Watching Video/Movies

No Audio When Watching Video
Roku Sound Not Working

However, it’s not a common technical issue but any audio issue happen at any time. This issue basically comes when you’ve mistakenly tune wrong setting being enabled default. A user can find the audio option by going to settings –Audio. S/PDIF users can tune to try to Dolby digital. And HDMI users can change to Dolby Digital DD+.


Problem 3: Red LED lighting up on Roku Express and Express+

If users see the red light flashing up, you can fix this issue (or come to know what it does mean)

Red LED lighting up on Roku Express
Red LED lighting up on Roku Express

If the Red light is flashing, it means that the device is not receiving enough power. If the power supply is perfect, you need to change the power supply. But when In case the LED light seems solid, it means your device is overheating. You need to power of the device and let it cool. If you want to avoid such kinds of problems, make sure your device hasn’t placed the top on the TV. If it is, fix replacing it some other place.

Problem 4: Error When Enabling 4K

Error When Enabling 4K
Showing Error When Enabling 4K

If you’re Roku premier, Roku Ultra& Premier+ user, make sure you’ve enough equipment to run ultra 4K content.

If you’re enabling the 4K (HDCP 2.2) and seems like it is occurring the error says HDMI input does not support HDCP 2.2. While your TV supports 4K content, not every HDMI port is HDCP 2.2 compliant, so you will have to check the owner’s manual to confirm which port is the one that will work.

Problem 5: When it Needs Reset

When you’ve mistakenly chosen wrong settings and unable to get your device options to default, you can always Reset Roku device. You only have to input few basic options. You can reset by Go to settings >Factory reset.

Roku Reset
Roku Reset option

This will return everything on default (The time you purchased your Device) and all the options will set up to default. Although Roku users can always contact to Roku Support desk for help by Dialing Their Support Toll-Free Phone Number to troubleshoot if Roku not working.

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