How To Fix When Roku Not Connecting To WiFi Or Not Working

Every Roku Player works through the Internet and stream Music and videos. Roku TV provides you access to stream all online channels, but you require a good internet connection in order to play frequent streaming for all channels. Internet needed for connecting for Roku player from Home Network. Sometimes it happens when your Roku TV not connecting to WiFi or Roku connected to WiFi but not working, it that case, you need to read these tips when Roku not connecting to the internet or unable to make an established connection. Click here if you want help from Roku expert.

This article provides you the step by step guide when Roku TV not connecting to WiFi so that you can learn or troubleshoot such kind of issues.

Unable To Connect To Wireless Or Roku Not Connecting To Wifi

When you see the massage says Unable to connect to wireless network or not connected to the Internet, you need to check whether your home internet is working properly or not, if not you need to contact to your Internet connection provider for resolving such kind of issues. Well, when you set up your Roku Player, you need to connect your Roku streaming player to the home internet network same as you connect other devices to the internet. Simply you need to select your WiFi network name and connect with the right password. You won’t be needed any other options apart from the same way you connect other devices such as smartphones, computer etc.

If your Roku device is unable to connect to your home router and you won’t be able to access the Roku channels that required an internet connection or you may experience the interrupted streaming.

Fix When Roku Not Connecting To WiFi Or Internet Connection

When your Roku streaming player isn’t connected with Home Internet connection, you will face the following errors.

  • You will see this screen when you’re trying to connect Your Roku Device with the internet connection.

roku not connecting to wifi

  • This screen will appear when you will enter the login information and Roku device will start connecting with the Internet.

roku tv not connecting to wifi

  • This screen may appear when you have lost your internet connection or you may see this screen.

roku not connecting to wifi

  • If your Internet connection is lost while playing or you may see this screen when internet connectivity is lost.

roku not connecting to internet

How To Check Internet Connection

If you want to check your internet connection then you can follow these options. You need to visit the Roku Settings menu on your Roku device.

  • Go to setting > Network > Check Connection. This will start two part verification process where first part will analyze whether you have good wireless network strength or not any other part will check if you’re connected with the internet.
  • If your internet connection is poor or you’ve interrupted signal strength, it will provide you with screen instruction to resolve this issue.

How To Resolve Issue When Roku Not Connecting To Wifi

You need to follow this instruction to resolve the issue when Roku not connecting to wifi or internet.

  1. Verify if you enter the correct name of your Wireless network. If you set up it wrong, it won’t establish an internet connection with Home network. We recommend you to re-check your wireless name.
  2. You need to enter your password correctly as the wrong password will not allow you to connect your Roku Device to an Internet connection.
  3. Check if your Wireless router is working properly. You can verify it by connecting any other device like your Smartphone, Computer or any other device that require a wireless connection.
  4. The most important part of troubleshooting is to improve or check the wireless signals strengths. If Roku device isn’t getting proper signals strength, it might be the reason for all trouble.
  5. You can also check all the settings by resetting your device and router. If Roku not connecting to wifi or Roku connected to wifi but not working, these reasons will be fixed after resetting the device and router. You can do it Settings > System > System Restart.

“You have to contact or read Instructions from your ISP provider. In some case, by unplugging and re-plug your router will reset it or some of the routers require Reset through the back panel button of the router.

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