how to fix roku error code 003

Are you encountering difficulty while streaming the Roku device? Is that a Roku Error Code 003? If yes, then don’t panic. First, you require to understand why error code 003 happens.

Roku error code 003 appears when your device is not able to update the latest software or firmware. Sometimes it happens due to a network or server connection error.

roku 003 error

For those users who don’t know what Roku is and how it works. Click here and read about the Roku and its setup process.

Why Roku Error Code 003 Occurs?

Let’s understand the reasons why Roku inadequate to update the software and to show error code 003.

  1. First, check the server status of Roku. It is down or working correctly.
  2. Check that your device is connected correctly with the internet or not. Also, check your internet connection status.
  3. Network security protocol may be an obstacle of Roku error code 003. If you are applying the AES protocol, it will not be able to update the software.

Note: Before applying the fixing steps of Roku TV error code 003, ensure that you have a high-speed internet connection in working condition without any proxy or firewall settings.

Steps to fix Roku Error Code 003:

Before start applying the fixing steps of this error:

  1. Check the Roku server status.
  2. Go to the down detector and check that the Roku server is working fine, or it’s down.
  3. Go to the comment section on the same website and read the latest chat of Roku users.
roku server status

If other peoples are also getting Roku 3 error code 003 due to server down from the backend. You have to wait until this issue has not been resolve by the Roku technicians.

If server status is ok and it’s working fine, then apply fixing steps:

# Method 1: Modifying the Network Protocol:

As we explained earlier, Roku doesn’t recommend the AES network protocol. If you set up your internet network connection with AES protocol, then Roku declined to update software. Follow these steps and change your network settings:

  • Go to your router settings option, and click on IP settings.
  • Check the available IP address is default or not. It looks like “”. You can find the default IP address on the backside of your router.
  • Now, go to the “Wireless or Security” tab available in settings and check your network security protocol. Ensure that it’s not a “AES” protocolIt should be WPAK-2-PSK (TKIP).
roku network settings
  • After changing the required settings, try to access your Roku and check the issue has been resolved.

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#Method 2: Use Ethernet Connection

Most of the Roku devices have a feature to connect with the internet via Ethernet (Cable connection) and wireless. If you already connected with the wireless connection and your device is not working. Connect your device cable connection immediately. You can unplug your LAN cable from your router and plug it into your Roku device directly if it has an option for an Ethernet connection.

roku ethernet port

If still Roku stick error code 003 exist after applying all these fixing steps. Then hire a Roku expert and get fixed your device problem. A Roku expert will fix all issues of your device and deliver it in working condition.

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