How to Cancel an Amazon Prime Subscription?

Guide to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership Subscription

Amazon offers plenty fruitful benefits with its prime subscription feature called ‘Amazon Prime’. As per the recent data shown by one of retail experts, it is seen that the company has done billions of dollars of business with its online business and has managed to live up to people’s expectations at an appreciable extent. There is no doubt that Amazon Prime membership has many perks and all they charge is $119 for a 12-month. But still there are abundant reasons why people have started to cancel Amazon prime and switching to other service providers.

Want to know,¿¿ WHY?

why user want to cancel amazon prime

Coming to the topic NOW⇓

There are many users out there who have subscribed for its prime membership but have now fed up with it and want to cancel Amazon Prime Membership.

Amazon Prime Membership Cancellation Process:

If you think that Amazon has made it complicated to cancel the prime membership then you are completely wrong. In fact, it has made it pretty easy by making various methods available.

But there might be some questions clicking with your mind like, will I get a refund of my subscription fees or how do I contact Amazon by phone or How to get amazon prime membership refund, etc.

Well, we have answered all these questions in this guide. So, just go through it till the end and you will get answers to all your questions.

There can be varied reasons behind this like they may not find it worthy or may not find their favorite content on its list. To know how to cancel Amazon prime, pay a little attention!

How to Cancel Amazon Prime?

To do this, you need to login to your account and follow the steps we have written below. The steps also applied for those who have opted for Amazon free trial membership.

Note: – You can ask Amazon for a full refund if you haven’t availed any of its benefits but have paid and subscribed for it.

  • Login to your Amazon Account.
  • Go to the Account & List & choose prime option.
amazon-account membership option
  • Go toManage Prime Membership
    • To cancel paid membership, you will have to choose ‘End Membership and Benefits’ option, located on the left-hand side.
    • To cancel free trial Amazon before it converts to a paid membership, you need to click ‘End Trial and Benefits, and your trial membership will be canceled.
Cancel amazon-prime-membership

There are many other options as well but it is better to ask Amazon Support before you go with any option.

After cancel Amazon prime membership, a question will arise in your mind “Will I get a refund of my membership? (Yet to be covered)”

Thinking to Amazon Prime Refund After Canceling Your Membership?

amazon prime refund

Well, you can get a refund but only within three days of signing up or converting from trial to paid. But if you would have used availed any benefits during the period then you will be charged.

Taking an example of it, like if you have paid for a membership at the starting of a month but want to cancel it after 15 days only when you didn’t place any order or avail any of its services.

How do I Contact Amazon Customer Service?

how to contact amazon

Need a Better Resolution With Prompt Answers?

Get in touch with Amazon prime refund center executive who are round the clock available at your help. They are professionals and work in such a way that your issue will disappear in minutes only. Irrespective of the complication of the situation you are stuck in while canceling your prime membership, the experts will get you out of it with their efficient solution.

The icing on the cake is that you just have to sit back and relax on your sofa as they do it all for you. To connect with them, you can make use of the methods we have listed below.

Toll-free Number: – Make use of Amazon Prime customer service number which is toll-free and accessible to all the users who reside in US, UK, Canada or in any other country. Just by dialing the Amazon Prime Refund Number”+1-808-800-5554” a representative will attend it, forward it to the expert by considering your concern.

Live-chat: – There can’t be a better option than getting an instant response via live chat. In this segment, you get an instant response for how to cancel prime when you send a message using the panel.

Email: – A direct yet authentic source to convey to us your queries, suggestions, and messages. Use our email ID which we have mentioned on the website and get an instant response from tech-experts.


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