How Does Roku Work (Roku Setup & Instruction)

Roku is devices that offer free and paid online video services on your TV via the Internet. Users can install TV and music streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, and more app same as loaded onto Smartphones. Setting up a new Roku device always needed necessary items such as connecting cable, Satellite TV or Internet connection. Roku devices are simply the best and easy to set-up. They come with simple remote and amazing features like Roku search that gives you access to thousands of free online movies along with latest trading TV serials. Read this informative article on How Does Roku Work & How to Setup Roku Device.

Well, new users can set up Roku through these instructions and learn how Roku works.

Roku Setup & Instruction

Roku setup devices image

Setting up a Roku device is easy. The user only has to follow some basic instructions that come with a user manual. Follow this given instruction for Roku setup and enjoy unlimited entertainment:

  1. Unpack all the device and items that you receive on Roku device
  2. You need to connect your adopter with Roku device and power up
  3. All Roku Players can be connected with Roku player via HDMI
  4. Setup the Roku device for the Internet connection. A user can use the Wi-Fi router for connection to the network connection
  5. Now the user needs to create a Roku account and then activate a device
  6. The user needs to go account and submit Roku activation code

Why You Need Internet Connection?

Roku is an online streaming player that needed to connect to the internet. You can connect it with your Home network or choose Roku model that offers to connect with a wired Ethernet connector.

What is Roku Account?

Roku users need an active Roku account in order to activate Roku player and access unlimited entertainment across thousands of online music, video and other channels. There is a monthly rental fee for Roku users. But adding a payment method you can rent/buy movies and other subscriptions services like Netflix.

Creating a Roku Account is Free of Cost

New users can create a free Roku account by going to “Create a Roku Account” where they only have to fill their basic details such as Name, Password & Login details (email), etc. after creating an account, they still need to go to and enter their activation code. And now Roku device is set up successfully.