Think you are planning to watch a movie on your Roku TV. When you start your Roku and try to operate your Roku player by Remote and find your Roku Remote Not Working, don’t worry, many errors can come with a Roku Remote. Here we are sharing a list of troubleshooting tips you can easily apply and fix your Roku remote issues.

Note: Before starting troubleshooting tips, you need to know what type of Roku remote you have. Below is the list of Roku models and remote, which comes with your Roku Streaming player.

Here is the list of Roku models:

  • Roku LT Roku HD, XD, XDS
  • Roku N1
  • Roku 1
  • Roku 2
  • Roku 2 HD, XD, XS
  • Roku 3
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Express+

Another type of Roku Remote which has some advanced features comes with Enhanced, Point Anywhere, Voice, and gaming remotes come with these Roku models:

  • Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600 and 3800)
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Roku 4
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere+
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku 2 (Model 4210)

Steps to Resolve Your Roku Remote Issues: 

Is Roku remote not working? Don’t worry. There are so many ways to fix when Roku stick remote not working. First of all, you need to find out what kind of Roku remote you have. Either your Roku comes with a slandered IR remote that must be pointed directly to Roku device, or an enhanced Roku remote that connects over a Wi-Fi network and works whenever you point it.

Roku comes with many different versions, So better to decide whether Roku 1 Remote Not WorkingRoku 2 Remote Not WorkingRoku 3 Remote Not WorkingRoku 4 remote not working.

How to Find Which Roku Model You are Using?

The best way to find about what kind of Roku remote you have, you need to check this from the back panel of the Remote. At the back of the remote battery panel, if you see a pairing button, you have an enhanced “Point anywhere” remote; otherwise, you have the Standard IR Roku remote.

How to Fix Standard IR Roku Remote:

Standard IR Roku Remote

You can quickly fix standard IR Roku remote as you only have to take care of a few essential functions. Fix TCL Roku TV remote not working with the help of the following guide.

  1. Signals are the only way that connects Roku remote to the Roku player. You need to check if Signals aren’t blocked. You can check if the remote pointed correctly at the Roku Player, or you can check if anything blocks the signals. If you see something that you feel might blocking the signals, you can fix it ASAP.
  2. You need to check the battery if the discharge battery is the reason behind Roku remote not working. Sometimes it happens when you need to change your remote battery as Roku ir remote not working because of discharge batteries. To fix this, you need to charge a remote cell or charge them.
  3. However, replacing the batteries isn’t the final solution as you can reset them once. Just open the battery box, remove the batteries, and keep them back to the panel. After that point, the remote to Roku and see if it’s working, if not, follow the changing battery procedure.

How To Fix The Enhanced “Point-Anywhere” Roku Remote:

Enhanced Roku Remote

If your Roku remote is wireless and works enhanced “Point anywhere,” you need the follow this instruction to troubleshoot when Roku stick remote not working.

  1. You need to restart your remote as well as the Roku player device. You need to remove the batteries and set up the same as earlier. After restarting the Roku player, point out the Roku remote to Roku player and see if it works.
  2. Restart Roku Device: When the Roku home screen appears on the screen, wait for at least 30 seconds and press a button to see if it works.
  3. You can check by Re-pairing the Remote. After restarting both Roku remote and Roku player, It’s still not working; Press and hold the pairing button located in the battery compartment for few seconds or until remote start to flash. Wait for 30 seconds to establish a connection with your Roku device. And see if the pairing dialogue is appearing on the TV.
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Re-connect your Roku Remote:

Re-connect your Roku Remote

We are not talking about repair the Roku remote. You need to reconnect your Roku remote with your Roku Player by resetting remote. You have to press the pairing button once and try to connect with the Roku device.

Here are the few steps you can follow:

  1. Remove the battery cover of your Remote.
  2. Unplug your Roku device from the power board and wait for 5 seconds and again connect with power.
  3. Once Roku start and the Roku logo comes on the screen, insert the batteries in your Roku remote, which you removed.
  4. Now, press the pairing button for 3 seconds and wait until the remote pairing light not blinking.
  5. Finally, wait for 30 seconds while the remote not correctly connect with the Roku player.

Replace the Batteries When Roku Remote Not Working:

Replace the Batteries When Roku Remote Not Working

The process the replacing the batteries is different. But it still simple. Remove the batteries from the Roku remote and power of the Roku player, wait for a few seconds and reconnect the cable.

Once the home screen appears on the TV, you need to insert the batteries into the remote and see if the issue is fixed. Most of the time it fixes the Remote’s technical problems until remote is working. However, you always have an option to continuing Roku streaming as you can download the Roku remote in your Smartphone.

In case, You are unable to fix your Roku remote; then you need to contact Roku Support and connect with the Roku technical team. Just ask them as Why is my Roku remote is not working? Roku support will assist you accordingly. 

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