Technology has changed the typical format of streaming live broadcasting of television channels. Leading American multinational conglomerate holding company, AT&T has introduced a satellite television, DirecTV which is considered as a subsidiary of it. DirecTV is one of the most popular satellite televisions in the United States which giving tough competition to other alternatives such as YouTube, Hulu, etc. Let’s get a dip about DirecTV related to its functionality, channels, troubleshooting & coordination with other gadgets.  In this guide, we provide the process to setup DirecTV Now with Roku. Also, provide the DirecTV troubleshooting process.

How DirecTV Works

DirecTV is like an advanced version of cable as it has many advantages over other alternatives. With DirecTV, you can watch more than 3000 live channels can be broadcast without even any wire. DirecTV works through an internet connection and all the channels can watch on any streaming device. With DirecTV, There is no additional equipment or rental need in order to watch all HD channels. Here is some supported TV guide about how to get set your DirecTV to home for having an unlimited daily dose of desirable TV channels:

  • DirecTV works on almost every type of streaming devices. However, some of the popular devices are publicly introduced to watch DirecTV such as Roku which is the most reliable player to watch DirecTV. Almost all models of Roku can be used to watch it.
  • Fourth Generation Apple TV or Apple 4K Ultra TV is supported to watch DirecTV.
  • Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast & all types of Android TVs are able to play DirecTV streaming service.

There are various monthly packages for DirecTV which comes with a variety of channels. The basic package of DirecTV starts with $40 month that comes with 65+ Ultra HD premium channels. These channels can watch without any other additional charges. The distractions that viewers face while watching their normal cable TV, i.e. Non-HD channels, disturbance (as cable channels depend on the network quality), etc. don’t appear with DirecTV as AT&T Inc. have made this service extra amazing and error free. This might be the reason behind its success in the United States. If a user faces any problem while using DirecTV on Roku connect with the DirectTV help center by dialing DirecTV Now Customer Service.

DIrecTV Now Customer Service Number

How to Connect DirecTV with Roku

As Roku player is one of the most reliable to watch DirecTV, but still you need to prepare your checklist before connecting your DirecTV with Roku. Here is the list of the checklist:

  1. You would be required a Roku TV or compatible HDTV with an HDMI Port
  2. Compatible Roku Streaming Device
  3. Active Internet connection
  4. DirecTV Account
  5. Remote to Access Roku Device
  6. An Active Roku Account

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These are the checklist before connecting your DirecTV with your Roku device. Now you have to follow the given steps to connect your Roku& DirecTV altogether. Contact Roku Support Number if you face any technical glitch or not able to connect your DirecTV with Roku player.

Step By Step Guide to Connect DirecTV With Roku

  • You need to start with Roku, Press Home on your Roku remote
  • Now you need to scroll down and select streaming channels
  • Now you need to enter DirecTV Now in the search box or you can scroll through the channels to DirecTV Now
  • Now you need to select BUY to install the DirecTV Now. If prompted, enter your Roku PIN

Streaming DirecTV isn’t so much complicated unless you are quite familiar with gadgets. But In case not, here you can find some frequently asked questions by users that will help you to troubleshoot some basic technical issue to watch your DIRECTV, You can contact AT&T DirecTV Now Customer care to set up DirecTV Now with your Roku device.

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