How to Setup DIRECTV NOW on Your Roku Streaming Player

DIRECTV NOW also known as DTV Now. It is a streaming TV service owned by AT&T, which allows streaming programming channels through cable TV in United State. Many time you face this issue that DirecTV now not working on Roku.

directv now not working on roku

Many of the customer’s using Roku streaming device to access all the programs on a single screen. DIRECTV users have exciting improvements to look for the new True Cloud DVR(BETA) with a fresh look and much more.

Don’t Have DIRECTV NOW on your Roku? Add it here

Features of DIRECTV NOW with Roku

With DIRECTV NOW you can store the 20 hours programming without no extra charges. With the latest update of DIRECTV NOW channel, you can enjoy everything like:

  • True Cloud DVR(Beta):- 20 hrs of free program recording is available during the beta testing with the latest features. Cloud DVR provide the service to record your favorite channel and watch it virtually up to 30 days.
  • New Look:- New look helps you to manage your screen programming easy.
  • One Screen View: If you use Roku player, then you can use DIRECTV NOW easily on a single screen with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV etc. You can add your favorite local channel without paying the extra cost to your Roku Streaming Device.
  • Increase On Demand Content: It depends on your subscription, you can add more than 25,000 channel on DIRECTV NOW, also you can watch local news at the time while you travel.
  • Local Channel Streaming: Before the latest update of DIRECTV NOW, you are unable to access your local channel outside of your home. Now you can access all local channels while you traveling.

To add the DIRECTV NOW at your Roku Streaming Player, click here…

 Setup and Adding DIRECTV NOW on Roku Streaming Player

 You can add your DIRECTV NOW app on your Roku Streaming Player easily. Just follow these steps:

  • Power on your Roku Streaming Player
  • Select Home on your Roku remote.
  • Select streaming channels from Menu.
  • Search for “DIRECTV NOW”.
  • Select “DIRECTV NOW”.
  • Click on Add.
  • The channel now appears in your channel list.

Note: If your DIRECTV NOW channel does not appear in your channel list, you need to update your system.

Troubleshoot DIRECTV NOW Not Working On Roku

While you are using DIRECTV NOW with your Roku Streaming Player, you will face many issues like that:-

  • DIRECTV NOW app is not working on Roku.
  • DIRECTV NOW app is not showing on Roku.
  • How to add DIRECTV NOW app on Roku.
  • Unable to add DIRECTV NOW to Roku.
  • Why can’t I add DIRECTV NOW to my Roku
  • DirecTV now not working on Roku

Roku Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number : 1-845-576-5069

If you are facing these type of issues, you can contact Roku Support team by dialing Roku Support Number. Make sure that you are sitting front or your computer while you contact the Roku Customer Care by dialing the toll-free number of Roku Support and also get help if your DirecTV now not working on Roku.

direct tv-helpline

 Need more help? Feel free to contact the Roku Helpline. More info

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