fix Roku error code 007

How to Fix Roku Error code 007?

What does Roku Error Code 007 mean? Error code 007 on Roku shows a playback failed error on the streaming applications like Hulu and FandangoNow. In this article, we explain every possible step to fix Roku error code 007. Keep your eyes on each step. How to Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 007? Follow the steps […]


How To Fix When Roku Sound Not Working | Guide 2020

This is an obvious error you face while streaming your Roku player. However, this problem no needs any additional help but you need to read this article and follow instructions when Roku sound not working or Roku volume control not working. Roku is an online streaming player, uses for streaming online movies and other online […]


Steps to Fix When Roku not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Every Roku player works through the Internet and stream music and videos. Roku TV provides you access to stream all online channels, but you require a good internet connection in order to play frequent streaming for all channels. Internet needed for connecting for Roku player from Home Network. Sometimes it happens when your Roku TV […]

Youtube not working on roku

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku?

After the recent Roku Software update, it seems like most of the old Roku player Models aren’t capable of streaming YouTube on Roku. The main reason behind YouTube not working on Roku 2020 is an outdated software or device version. If you are not aware about how to fix YouTube not working on Roku 2020 […]


How to Fix Roku Stick Not Connecting to WiFi?

First of all, you need to find out what type of Roku Stick you’re using. There is various type of Roku Stick available over the market. Remote issues may be different based on the device model. If Roku Not connecting to Wi-Fi or Roku stick not working, you need to find out first what type […]

Fix Roku Stick not Working

How To Fix Roku Stick Not Working?

Roku is the most popular media device across the world. Roku Company offering the various online streaming services depends on the prices that start at $29.99 & available up to $129.99. However, like other online media streaming devices, Roku is players are not without their problems so here we are, Read the latest post about […]


5 Steps To Fix Roku Remote Not Working | Try These Steps

Think you are planning to watch a movie on your Roku TV. When you start your Roku and try to operate your Roku player by Remote and find your Roku Remote Not Working, don’t worry, many errors can come with a Roku Remote. Here we are sharing a list of troubleshooting tips you can easily apply […]

how roku works

How Does Roku Work (Roku Setup & Instruction)

Roku is devices that offer free and paid online video services on your TV via the Internet. Users can install TV and music streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, and more app same as loaded onto Smartphones. Setting up a new Roku device always needed necessary items such as connecting cable, Satellite […]