10 Tips for a Brand to Move Towards Eco Friendly Packaging

The issue of Global Warming continues to rise as the days pass. This issue is one of the greatest threats that humankind ever faced and if the authorities need to go big on this one. Taking the right kind of actions in order to demote the factors that are continuing to rise in order to aid the change of temperatures of the Earth. The glaciers on the North and the South Pole are continuing to melt, the rise of water levels in rivers, seas, and oceans is the main cause of floods and tsunami, the forests are burning, several species of animals are on the verge of extinction and many other similar reasons.



One of the main causes of global warming is the burning of extra materials like plastics and the wastage of energy while producing several thousand materials, which go unused and are set on fire in order to decompose them in the environment. The excessive production of plastic goods and the burning of them is one of the major causes of the change in temperatures. Moreover, these plastics do not decompose for thousands of years, which results in excess pollutions. The pollution that is caused by plastics ends up either in seas and oceans disturbing marine life or on the outskirts of the cities.

The use of eco-friendly boxes in order to move the brand towards green business is the best way to support the environment.

1. Use the Recyclable Material

One of the best ways to support the environment and to move the brand closer towards Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging is by using the material that can be recycled in order to make more boxes or other items after shredding them. After the initial use, these recyclable materials can be shredded into small pieces to make more items.

2. Use the Biodegradable Material


Several materials decompose on their own. These include the type of constituents, which decompose when exposed to the sunlight, soil, or water. The main advantage of these items is that they do not create pollution and do not participate in global warming. Moreover, the biodegradable items can be manufactured using by giving out very less energy.

3. Optimize the Use of Casing Material


The best strategy to reduce the ratio of the packaging is to optimize the casing style. This is done by creating packaging, which exactly fits the product. There are many advantages of using the optimization of cases and one of them is the shipping of the items. As the weight is reduced, more items can be transported at a time in order to reduce the costs of fuel.

4. Environmental Friendly ink While Printing

It is not just the material that should be friendly for the environment but also the kind of printing ink that is used on the packages. Instead of the harmful chemicals used to manufacture the inks for printing, the use of plants and animal extracts proves much more beneficial for the environment. The main advantage of using these inks is that these washes away and thus, are biodegradable.

5. Minimalist Packaging


The minimalist packaging approach is one of the best ways to produce simple and sustainable packaging designs for the business in order to support the environment. These designs help the business to stand out in a certain way, as the use of graphical images is minimum on the cases and the bottles of the items that are packed using this style of packaging. This approach gives out a highly targeted brand message with the use of simplicity, which directly supports the environment.

6. Reuse of Packaging Materials


Encouraging people to reuse the packaging materials like grocery bags, cartons, cardboard boxes, and several other similar items can be of great aid towards helping the world fight global warming.

7. Paper Bottles of Water7

Water is a necessity of life and people all around the world consume it on a daily base. The use of plastic bottles is still at large, promoting the use of paper bottles for the waters can aid greatly towards the cause of an eco-friendly environment.

8. Use of Kraft


The best way of packaging any kind of product is through the use of Kraft paper and Kraft cases. These cases are degradable and can be recycled in order to make more of them. Therefore, using Kraft as a major packaging material can help the brand move closer towards the eco-friendly boxes wholesale.

9. Decorations by using Paper Rather than Plastic


The use of plastic ribbon and wrap sheets of plastic, aid in increasing the threats to the environment. Therefore, the use of paper wrapping material and other decorations should be encouraged more and more.

10. The use of Traditional Baskets


The use of traditional baskets rather than plastic bags and other bags, which are left to increase pollution, is the best way to fight global warming and pollution.

Other than these factors, the planting of trees by putting on small paper labels of the logo of the company and the business can greatly help to increase the image of the brand.

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