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We provide the online service to troubleshoot all streaming devices like:


Roku Streaming Player

Tell us what you are looking for in a new Roku player or Roku TV. We will assist you to Setup, Activate, and join new channels.

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Enjoy your favorite TV shows, Web series, Movies, and many more. Sign up for a new Netflix account. If you are not aware of the procedure, we are here to help you.

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directv now

DirecTV Now

Watch live primetime TV, news, sports, movies, and thousands of on-demand channels with AT&TV Now. Get #1 Satellite TV more HD, Sports & Customer Satisfaction.

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hulu tv

Hulu TV

Hulu is an on-demand video streaming service which allows user to stream the favorite TV shows, Movies, and Live TV channels. Stream everything that you want.

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sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV lets you moat cable TV and offers the best live TV, both free and paid. You can enjoy your live TV with sling with setup any cable.

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prime now

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the best platform to watch unlimited web series, TV shows and movies in Ultra HD quality.  It introduced by the Amazon.

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    What is Streaming Device?

    Are you addict to watch movies and TV programs online? If Yes, you have numerous options to stream your beloved Movies, Web Series & TV Channels in ultra HD with 4k quality on various Online Streaming devices.

    OnlineTvHelp introduces you to the most popular online streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and many more.

    A Streaming device or streaming media player allows you to connect your SmartTV to the internet and allow you to watch your favorite Movies, Web series, TV channels, Video, and music in high quality. You need to connect your streaming device with your smart TV by using a cable, USB, or HDMI port and also need to connect your streaming device with the internet by using Ethernet cable or by Wi-Fi connection.

    One can stream a movie or Video before the files transmit. These devices also have an option to add an external device like a USB. A streaming device additionally supports an online service like YouTube and all kid’s entertainment channels. You can add or subscribe to your favorite service or TV channels.

    What do you need to use Streaming Device?

    To run online media on your smart TV, you require an HDTV or Smart TV, a high-speed internet connection, and a streaming device like Roku, Sling, HBO, Amazon Fire Stick. You can also subscribe to other services like Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube Premium, Show Times, CBS News, PLEX TV, and many more.

    For more details or any service activation, contact us.

    Online Streaming Service

    What Can You Watch on Your Device?

    There are many devices available in the market. You can select any most reliable streaming device with the best features, or several other devices are introducing with the superior features. It depends on you which one you want to use. Here we have listed some popular devices; you can pick one of them.


    Amazon Fire Stick:

    Firestick also enables voice support and VideoCore4 GPU. You can watch your favorite Movie, Web Series, and TV show anyplace, it implies that you can download your favorite content and watch anywhere by using Amazon Firestick. It is a plug-n-Play device, no need to download any supported driver. Only you need an Amazon Prime subscription to enjoy the service. You can cancel Amazon Prime subscription anytime. For amazon prime subscription, click here.



    You can smoothly stream any show and videos by using Roku. Roku is a popular online streaming media service that comes with the complete setup box & a streaming device with remote and 1000’s of free channels.

    You can connect it with your Smart TV and enjoy Roku channels. To enable Roku services, you need to connect it with your TV, set up your account, and activate Roku using the Roku activation code. You can also add additional channels on Roku without any trouble. If you need more information about Roku, go there.

    Roku streaming player

    Apple TV

    Apple TV is a prominent smart TV with online streaming services that stream anything like your favorite TV shows, live sports channels, Games, and iOS apps that you loved. It has a Siri remote, a power cord & a USB cable. Apple TV comes with excellent entertaining streaming services, Amazon Prime, Netflix, ESPN, HULU, HBO GO, HBO NOW, etc. To stream certain services, you require to enable the premium subscription for some services. 

    Siri remote has a smart feature that is “Voice Control.” 

    Ask Siri what you want to display and get it. You can choose Apple TV according to the different features and its generation.


    Netflix is also a popular online streaming service that permits you to watch favorite movies, Web series & TV channels. It allows you to add an app on your streaming device that you are using.

    Netflix also has a mobile application for android and iOS. You can download it from the play store or App Store. To use Netflix, you have to get a paid subscription. Click here to see the monthly subscription plan.

    netflix banner
    Google chromecast


    About Chromecast by OnlineTvhelp; it is an attractively developed and designed media player by Google to stream favorite media services. It allows a user to play audio and video online on your HDTV. There are many options available in the Chromecast with the upgraded version and its features. Now Chromecast can be controlled by voice command. It also works with the iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet devices, Windows & MAC. You only need to download the Chromecast app in your device and set up an account to enjoy its services.

    The best feature of Chromecast is that you can do a call or send a message while enjoying your favorite show without any interruption.

    google Chromecast bg1

    What do we offer to our Clients?

    OnlineTvhelp is a platform which provides online fixing, troubleshooting, activation and account setup assistance for all type of streaming devices and services. We have a team of experts who has much experience in troubleshooting all issues related to Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Videos, etc.

    We are working as an independent service provider and provide you a service by the team of experts. If you want to be our regular customer and need a service, get a monthly and yearly service & support subscription. See the plans & price here.

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